What to Wear for you Boudoir Session

Boudoir photo sessions are not all about lingerie! No, no, no....they are about anything that makes you feel sexy, empowered and beautiful! Obviously lingerie is the go-to choice as it you can find gorgeous, flattering pieces anywhere, but don't think you have to limit yourself! Let's discuss lingerie and our many other options:

  1. Lingerie ~ Lace, silk and satin and made to flatter women's bodies. You can pick these up at low cost at clothes stores or indulge yourself with pieces with a bigger price tag....let's face deserve to spoil yourself!

2. Accessories to lingerie ~ garter belts, thigh-high stockings, suspenders, harnesses, cover skirts, full body pieces and corsets. All things that you can add or remove to give your images a bit of variety and playfulness!

3.His/her shirt ~ Steal one of your partners shirt for the session! Adds a more personal touch if you're doing your session for that special someone. Can be a dress shirt, their favourite jersey, jacket or perhaps their work clothes!?

4.Tee's with panties ~ Bring along your favourite tee, give it a bit of a tie up at the front or perhaps some alterations to make it more sexy.

5. Robes ~ If you are a little self conscious or want to add a little variety to your sessions, robes are a great tool. You can find lacy ones to match your lingerie or undergarments, or satin ones with a bit of a pattern. Show subtle nudity under a full robe too.

6. Swimwear ~ whip out your favourite bikini or swim tog! Our boudoir sessions aren't just done in a studio, be adventurous and head out to the beach!

7. Shoes ~ High heels always add a bit of shape and definition to those gorgeous legs and can boost the sexiness of any shot. You don't need to be able to walk in them either, we can pose you and then add the shoes! Stiletto's, knee-high boots, cute pumps..anything you love. Cowgirl boots are super cute to and add a bit of fun to your images.

8. Wedding pieces ~ Surprise your husband/wife-to-be with a wedding day present of images in wedding lingerie or accessories! White lingerie paired with a veil/headpiece, your garter or anything you've got for your big day will add that special touch.

9. Jewellery ~ Drape yourself with stunning jewellery for that luxury, expensive look. Borrow or buy pieces or bring along a meaningful piece.

10. Accessories a bit more risque ~ Collars, handcuffs, whips, things a lil on the naughty side

These sessions are for you and what you feel beautiful in. Ideas are endless!

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