Overcoming your photo fear!

Being in front of the camera can be very daunting...even more so if you're in your underwear! But fear not! This can be one of the most empowering experiences you can have if you get your mind out of the way. Let's look at how:

Fear is in all of us, it is part of being human and it can turn us away from trying new things. If we can push past that negative voice in our mind (we all have it) we can accomplish things we never thought we'd be brave enough to do. Most of the time we fear other people's judgement or make up the judgement ourselves even if it isn't actually there. How you see yourself is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to how other people actually see you. With Boudoir photo experiences we are here to show you that you are ALREADY strong, beautiful and courageous not to make you these is already in you, you just need to push past the fear.

When you first start a Boudoir photo session you may feel overwhelmed and nervous but as soon as you start forgetting that you are in front of a camera and start being yourself, you will feel like a superstar and fall into it naturally.

LOVE THE BODY YOU ARE IN! No body is the same body and there are no rules for the perfect body! Every BODY is perfect and again human. As soon as you start embracing it your true spirit will emerge and this will show in your photographs. I (Ashe your boudoir photographer) am trained to help guided you into poses that make you feel comfortable and compliment your body. Throughout your session I show you images on back of camera so you can firstly, see how amazing you are, and how we can change poses to suit you.

If you are ready to get out of your negative mind and out of your comfort zone into your true beautiful self we'd love to create an epic photo experience for you. After all #lifeisshortdotheshoot

Cheers you Boudoir Beauty

Ash | Photographer | Boudoir in the Vines

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