What exactly is Boudoir?

It's all about YOU!

A Boudoir photography experience is for ANY woman who wants to be empowered, who loves their body or who wants to love their body...they just need a little confidence boost and affirmation.

Professionally trained AIPP photographer with experience is posing for everyone

Do this to please yourself ..not anyone else...

“I am very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.” Marilyn Monroe

It is a chance for you to indulge and invest in yourself to a luxury experience that will leave you feeling amazing in your own skin as you deserve. With an all-female team of professionals we will make you feel comfortable and have a lot of fun. Our past boudoir beauties (clients but 'boudoir beauties' sounds way better) have said they had the best time and didn't even feel like they were being photographed. With guidance from start-to-finish you will love this experience!

You will leave your shoot with professionally enhanced images and hand-crafted art that you can cherish forever and the best feeling of doing something for yourself...even if you did the shoot for someone special...ultimately it's for you.

Boudoir is -

Boudoir is about empowering women, showing them THEY ARE completely beautiful and how to love the body they are in

It is about pleasing yourself, not pleasing someone else

It is for EVERY woman - shape, age, size doesn't matter

No experience needed...just be your beautiful self

Life is short.Do the Shoot.For you

We'd love to hear from you!

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